MIG/MAG welding

MIG/MAG is semi-automatic welding. It is used for welding steels (including stainless steel) and aluminum alloys.

TIG welding

TIG-DC method – Tungsten Inert Gas, is used for steels, TIG-AC method – Alternating Current, is used for aluminum alloys.



Manual and electromechanical bending machines, bending on CNC machines, pipe bending. Presses, stamping.

Robot welding

We offer robot welding services for aluminum and stainless steel. We will help you to produce high-quality products with great productivity. Ordering a robot welding service will also give you chance to reduce the final cost of the product.


Decorative grinding and softening of sharp edges on a special band machine. Table width – 1000 mm.


End face machining, threading, hole and groove boring. We offer our services in CNC turn- and milling operations.


We cut sheet products using plasma and laser, it guarantees high dimensional accuracy and quality of end surfaces after cutting. We also produce cutting of plastic, plywood, and other soft materials on CNC routers.


Powder coloration, electropolishing, electroplating.


We create 3D models of technical objects based on drafts, sketches, photographs, or detailed descriptions. We design and produce parts, assemblies, structures.

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